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Welcome to Dempsey Designs Range of Adult Boxed Craft Kits

We have launched a comprehensive range of Craft kits

Please click on the Kit names below to view them.

DD0001 Beginners Candle Making Kit

DD0002 Glass Votives Decoration Kit

DD0003 Christmas Card Making Kit

DD0004 Occasions Card Making Kit

DD0005 Decorated Ceramic Mug Kit

DD0006 Decorated Mugs and Coasters Kit

DD0007 Luxury Christmas Card Kit

DD0008 Card Making Kit for all Occasions

DD0009 Luxury Candle Making Kit

DD0010 Gold Leafing Kit

 DD0011 Stationery Decoration Kit

DD0012 Glass Decoration Kit

DD0014 Quilling Kit

DD0015 Silk Painting Kit

DD0016 Soap Making Kit

DD0017 Deluxe Card Making Kit

DD0019 Festive Christmas Card Making Kit

DD0020 Modern Christmas Card Making Kit

DD0021 Jewellery Design Kit

DD0022 Rosebud Occasions Card Making Kit

DD0023 Butterfly Card Making Kit

DD0024 Celebration Card Making Kit

DD0025 Quilling Card Making Kit

DD0026 Gold Occasions Card Making Kit

DD0027 Butterfly and Rose Decoupage Kit

DD0028 Flower Pressing Kit

DD0029 Pastel Candle Making Kit

DD0030 Luxury Bumper Card Making Kit

DD0031 Dragonfly Card Kit

DD0032 Fairy Card Kit

DD0033 Girlie Card Kit

DD0034 Beaded Bracelet Kit

DD0035 Gold Embossing Kit

DD0036 Fairy Decoupage Kit

DD0037 Designer Jewellery Kit

DD0038 Papercraft Compendium

DD0039 Candle Making Starter Kit

DD0041 Parchment Craft

DD0042 Design A Mug Kit

DD0043 Princess Card Kit

DD0044 Fantasy Masks Kit

DD0045 Jewellery Kit

DD0046 Spring Card Kit

DD0047 Sparkle Christmas Card Kit

DD0048 Boys Card Kit

DD0050 Black & Silver Jewellery Kit

DD0051 Cupcakes Card Kit

DD0052 Celebrations Glasses Kit

DD0053 Glass Painting Coasters Kit

DD0055 Purple Jewellery Kit

DD0056 Heirloom Teddy Bear Kit

DD0057 Japanese Dolls Painting Kit

DD0058 Cats & Dogs Card Kit

DD0062 Puppy Soft Toy Kit

DD0063 Meerkat Soft Toy Kit

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